"Minister" is a consciousness, a way of moving through the world. It's a commitment to be truly helpful, to see the light of divinity and seeds of wisdom in all life, and boldly embody compassion. It's taking a sacred vow to prioritize peace above all else.

Perhaps most importantly, it's a commitment to forgive yourself quickly when you forget to do any of the above mentioned and to remember that if you're not laughing, then you're missing the point.

Love courageously, forgive quickly, and do your best ... these are the foundational values to build an impactful ministry upon.

Rev. Jesse Brune-Horan

Founder/Spiritual Director

Ministerial Licensing Program

Our Ministerial Licensing Program continues the journey of the Practitioner Program, with a focus on community leadership, pastoral care, and teaching. We aim to support our ministerial candidates in strengthening key skills that are essential in effectively sharing spiritual truth and supporting members of their community as they continue to evolve their own spiritual practice.

The role of ministers in today's culture is constantly evolving. It's important to remember that at its core, "minister" is a consciousness; a way of moving through and relating to the world. During the course of this program we support our ministerial candidates in nurturing this consciousness as they create a personal relationship with it. 

The curriculum and practices in this program are tailored to strengthen the following skills:

• Personal Spiritual Development with a focus on study, contemplation, meditation, prayer, and sacred ceremony 

• Spiritual Counseling for private & group sessions, *special focus on grief counseling

• Public Speaking/Sermon Development/Storytelling

• Pastoral Care

• Teaching & Facilitation for class series, workshops, and retreats

• Writing

• Community Leadership/Mindful Activism/Inclusivity Training

• Sacred Ritual Facilitation - weddings, memorials, baby blessings, & more

• Ethics

• Non-Profit Management, Marketing, & Branding

The program is designed to support in-person and online ministries. Our intention is to prepare and empower candidates to effectively share their vision any way they choose.

Teach Through Demonstration 

The best way to teach the benefits of living in spiritual alignment is to demonstrate the effects in your own life. This is why our main focus is supporting each candidate in evolving their spiritual practice.


You can read mystical books and talk about spiritual principle for years and see no noticeable change. The only way for positive transformation to occur is to apply the principles in your life.

The mission of our organization is peace. The more people who are at peace, the more peace we'll see on the planet. This is why above all else, we focus on the practice. 

Those who complete the program will receive:

  • A Ministerial License through Active Love Ministries, which legally grants you permission to perform weddings, offer counseling, etc

  • Transformational tools to help deepen your spiritual practice and change your life for good

  • Lifetime access to A.L.M.'s practitioner & ministerial programs (free audits of live classes)

  • In depth training on public speaking/sermon development, curriculum development, spiritual counseling, retreat facilitation, non-profit/church management, community leadership and development, ministerial ethics, & more 

  • Opportunities to teach class series and workshops with A.L.M. 

  • Opportunities to participate and lead A.L.M. LIVE events all over the country

  • Support from A.L.M.'s leadership and administrative team

  • An incredible support system of colleagues and friends


Ministerial licensing program overview:

  • The program consists of 4 modules and spans 1 year & 2 months in length.  Each module is approximately 3.5 months

  • Classes are offered via ZOOM video-conferencing so participants can log-on from all over the globe.  There is a weekly 2-hour class.  *You can call-into classes as well

  • Participants are trained using A.L.M.'s teaching curriculum which focuses primarily on The Way of Mastery & A Course In Miracles

  • There are weekly reading, writing, and skill-building assignments

  • Candidates are required to offer monthly volunteer hours to A.L.M.

  • Classes are facilitated by Rev. Jesse Brune-Horan and other qualified ministers and practitioners

  • Participants are responsible to purchase their own text books (approximately $30/module)

  • There’s a yearly in-person training retreat which spans approximately 4 days in length. You are REQUIRED to attend in-person. Retreats are held in California and participants are given a 6-month notice to register before the event. Payment plans are always available.


Schedule a free discovery call with one of our awesome staff members.

>>> We have a ZERO pressure policy. <<<

We don't do sales, but are absolutely passionate about meeting folks on a spiritual path who feel inspired to share their gifts and talents with others.

Get more details and see if our program is a good fit for you.

The Modules

Listed below are the 4 modules & study areas of the program. Each module consists of approximately 12 classes.


Sermon Development

Focused training on structuring live teachings, storytelling, study/contemplation, & writing. 


Curriculum Development

Focused training on writing, group facilitation, lesson planning, and research.


Sacred Ceremony

Focused training on facilitating weddings, memorials, and common rituals. Explore new ceremonies for peace.


Pastoral Care & Counseling

Continued training in spiritual counseling, grief counseling, & sacred service.

*All candidates are required to review the Workbook For Students in "A Course In Miracles".

In addition to the listed modules, we offer specialized class series in:

  • Ministerial Ethics

  • Non-Profit Management & Fundraising

  • Marketing/Branding

  • Mindful Activism & Conflict Resolution

  • Inclusivity & Diversity Training

Our classes are taught LIVE by industry professionals.

No prerecorded classes or self-study courses - we're with you every step of the way. 

Ask your questions | Receive the care your deserve

I wasn't sure about becoming a minister when I signed up, but I knew spending a year in spiritual practice was worth it either way. I wasn't wrong! Life changing.

Rev. Jennifer O'Brien

Licensed Minister | Prosperity Teacher

Rev. Jesse is the real deal. He has a special ability to create spaces that feel welcoming to everyone. The first time I sat down and heard him talk, I felt like I was home.

Rev. Alfreda Lanoix 

Licensed Minister | Social Justice Activist

You are in good hands with Rev. Jesse, he's a spiritual teacher who brings both his sense of mastery as well as his humanity and has over a decade of experience helping people work with their process.

Rev. Michael Lennox

Minister | Author | Dream Expert

Here's what you get when you register.

Weekly Live Class & MP3 Recording

Your classes are live and taught by an industry professional. Each class is recorded so you can review as often as you'd like.

Reading & Study Guides

Our curriculum provides downloadable guides that lead you in a journey of discovery through sacred metaphysical texts and helps cultivate your voice and skills as a teacher.

Monthly Skill Building Workshops

Each month enjoy an online practical training workshop taught live by an expert. Learn valuable skills like public speaking, group facilitation, blog composition, online marketing, & more.

4 Private Coaching Sessions

Each student has the opportunity to have one private coaching session (we call them visioning sessions) at the end of each module with your instructor.

Check-In Partner

Each module you'll be assigned a new partner to check in with over the phone. It's an opportunity to take a moment and connect with someone else on the same path as you, practice affirmative prayer and counseling. We encourage weekly or bi-weekly calls.

A Built In Community

Your class will have its own private Facebook group where you can get support, share assignments, and post things that inspire you.

A private interview with A.L.M.'s Spiritual Director is required before your application will be considered. 



Candidates are required to attend our training retreat in California. Enjoy a long weekend of meditation and practical skills training. Retreats are generally scheduled in early spring.


Candidates will have the opportunity to facilitate workshops for other participants as part of their training program.

You are given 6 months advance notice to make travel arrangements, etc. Please consider this commitment before applying for the program. 

The average cost of the retreat is $500 + travel expenses. *Cost is automatically included in program pricing.

Bring Your Vision To Life...

for about $6 a day.

Monthly Installments

Pay Monthly


14 payments

$6.63 a day

Pay Twice


2 payments

10% discount

$5.96 a day

Pay In Full


1 payment

15% discount

$5.64 a day

Another opportunity to build community and get support...

Join a Core Group today.

Our Core Groups are intimate circles with no more than 10 members. These groups meet once a month and are facilitated by an Active Love Ministries community member. Connect with spiritually minded folks, discuss different topics on spirituality, share any challenges you're moving through, and get support from others on the path.

We encourage all registered students to join a Core Group because it's great practice in participating in spiritual community, you'll get individual care and offer support to others, and it's a wonderful opportunity to learn group facilitation.

Core Groups are free of charge and open to any interested member of Active Love Ministries.

Answer the Call...

If you'd like to speak to one of our helpful staff members to get more information,  please click below and reach out. Let's schedule a discovery call and answer all your questions.

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