Mission Statement

We're here to inspire, educate, and empower those who have answered the call of spiritual leadership. 


By consciously aligning with spiritual law and tapping into the full potential of the internet - we're joyfully growing a global peace ministry.

Vision Statement

We hold the vision of peace for all life. 

We envision Active Love Ministries being a home where anyone on this planet can find the resources and support they need to develop a transformational spiritual practice and demonstrate the power of living in alignment with Love.


Active Love Ministries is a Metaphysical Spiritual Organization offering education, support, and inspiration for emerging spiritual teachers, leaders, and counselors.


Our purpose is simple: We are here for peace.


We operate with the understanding that the more people feel at peace, the more peace we will see manifest on the planet. We're here to support those who feel called to spiritual leadership, so they can support and uplift their communities, generating greater expressions of loving kindness world-wide.


Our comprehensive licensing programs are designed for those who feel inspired to expand their existing spiritual practice while developing leadership skills such as public speaking, writing, individual and group counseling facilitation, community leadership, pastoral care, mindful activism, meditation facilitation, non-profit management, and more.


We offer licensing in Spiritual Counseling and Metaphysical Ministry plus Meditation Teacher Certification.

Our weekly live events combine inspirational teachings, meditation, music, and fellowship. We stream these services LIVE so anyone can participate.


The organization was founded in 2020 by Rev. Jesse Brune-Horan with the support of Lisa Carias and Suzanne Jonas.


We are a 501(c)3 organization. All financial donations are tax deductible.

Core Values

Fun, Playfulness, Joy

Diverse & Inclusive Community


True Helpfulness



Compassionate Communication

Authenticity & Transparency

Abundance & Generosity


Unconditional Worthiness



Active Love LIVE

We host gatherings where ALL who feel inspired can celebrate the beauty of life while connecting with others on a spiritual path.

Inspiring Teachings | Meditation | Music | & More

Recurring events with Rev. Jesse Brune-Horan are hosted in Los Angeles on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm PST.

Events are streamed LIVE so you can tune in & participate in the Q&A portion of the night from your computer.

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