Earn a license in Spiritual Counseling & ordination in Metaphysical Ministry.

Immersive teachings in metaphysics & mysticism + comprehensive leadership training.

Can't keep it inside any longer?

Yeah, we get it.

If you're on a dedicated spiritual path and feel inspired to share what you've learned with others, we're ready to meet you.

Our programs help develop your unique voice and cultivate the vision that's growing inside, so you can inspire those ready to receive what you have to share.

Interested in learning more?
Connect with one of our helpful staff members and find out if our program is right for you. 

Join a movement of people transforming the consciousness of the planet... and having a blast while doing it.

Spiritual leadership takes many forms.

Whether you feel drawn to build a congregation, develop a transformational counseling practice, teach meditation, or write the next great book on spiritual transformation ...

We're here to help bring your vision to life, one miracle at a time.


~ The more minds at peace, the more peace we'll see.


Develop a deep understanding of spiritual law, so you have a solid foundation to build something meaningful upon. 

Our curriculum provides an immersive study of metaphysics and modern mysticism.


Explore the teachings of "A Course In Miracles", Science of Mind, The Law of Attraction, & other sacred texts. 


Work with professional ministers, spiritual counselors, activists, meditation teachers, and inspirational speakers to develop practical skills in writing, public 

speaking, teaching, counseling, community leadership, marketing, business & non-profit development/management.


Plug into a vibrant community of like-minded spiritual adventurers from all over the world who are walking their talk and allowing their life to be a demonstration of joy, abundance, peace, and compassion.

It's way more fun to walk the path with friends.

Peace begins with you.

Learn more about our licensing programs and specialized training in spiritual leadership.

You deserve to LOVE what you do. Email us today and we'll answer your questions and get you everything you need to get started.
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