I'm so grateful for my teachers and mentors who taught me that without APPLICATION there can be no TRANSFORMATION. 

You won't just study and talk about spiritual principles, you'll apply what you learn into your life and experience miraculous results. 

That's why I love this program. The results are obvious and the benefits are endless.

~ Rev Jesse Brune-Horan,

Founder/Spiritual Director

Spiritual Counseling Licensing Program

How do we define a Spiritual Counselor?

A Spiritual Counselor is someone who is committed to the practice of spiritual living and demonstrates the miracles that unfold when you change your mind about your life.

"Spiritual Counselor” or "Spiritual Practitioner" doesn’t only refer to the individual, it’s a state of mind; an evolving awareness of our oneness with Love. 


With a commitment to be truly helpful, a counselor is a service-oriented member of their community, committing first to the practice of self-love through the development of their spiritual practice. 

Our two-year Spiritual Counseling Licensing Program is a deeply experiential consciousness-building process which includes specific studies that support participants in deepening their spiritual practice and prepares candidates for advanced participation in spiritual community. This innovative curriculum is intended to develop the necessary skills associated with the art of spiritual counseling, community building, and spiritual leadership.​

The role of the licensed spiritual counselor is to support individuals as they create change in their lives by making changes in their thinking.  The fundamental tool of the spiritual counselor is affirmative prayer.  Through affirmative prayer or “Spiritual Mind Treatment”, counselors are trained to shift the consciousness on behalf of and for the individual.

The effectiveness of affirmative prayer is based on the fundamental law of the Universe that all true and lasting change takes place as a result of a shift in consciousness.  A counselor facilitates this shift by assisting the individual in adopting new beliefs, perspectives, habits and attitudes.  As beliefs, perspectives, and attitudes change, new conditions and situations are naturally attracted and expressed in the individual’s life.

This comprehensive program is designed for those who feel called to spiritual leadership and for those who are committed to deepen their spiritual practice and studies.


Schedule a free discovery call with one of our awesome staff members.

>>> We have a ZERO pressure policy. <<<

We don't do sales, but are absolutely passionate about meeting folks on a spiritual path who feel inspired to share their gifts and talents with others.

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Walk Your Talk

The best way to teach the benefits of living in spiritual alignment is to demonstrate the effects in your own life. This is why our main focus is supporting each counselor in developing a transformational spiritual practice.


You can read mystical books and talk about spiritual principle for years and see no noticeable change. The only way for positive transformation to occur is to apply the principles in your life.

The mission of our organization is peace. The more people who are at peace, the more peace we'll see on the planet. This is why we do what we do.

Why is the program 18 months?

We're committed to expanding the consciousness of our students and proficiently preparing them for a professional career in spiritual counseling and community leadership. We're healing deep-rooted beliefs that no longer serve the candidate and creating new habits. This takes time. 

We understand some online programs use a brief time commitment as a selling point. We ensure our graduates feel empowered, passionate, and prepared to share their gifts with the world.

The curriculum consists of five modules, each with ten to twelve classes plus a monthly practical training workshop. We offer a two week restoration period between each module. Each section focuses on a different area of development and explores different source material.

This is a group experience and all classes are taught live by a professional minister or counselor. We are committed to offering the highest quality experience to our students and feel there are countless benefits to participating in a group, receiving guidance in person, and asking questions as they arise.

We do our best to make participation so fun and inspiring that our students choose to participate in Active Love Ministries long after graduation. Plus, an added benefit of doing this program with a group of people is that you create friendships that last a lifetime.

The Modules

Listed below are the 5 modules & study areas of the program. Each module consists of approximately 10 -12 classes.


Foundation 1

Focused training in Affirmative Prayer & introduction to The Law Of Cause & Effect


Life After Death

Training in Grief Counseling while exploring the question, "What happens after the body dies?"


Foundation 2

Focused training in meditation, continued exploration of The Law of Cause & Effect, and introduction to Mysticism.



Learn the tools to structure and facilitate private and group counseling sessions + Spiritual Mind Treatment.


True Forgiveness

An deep exploration of Oneness through the practice of True Forgiveness + An introduction to "A Course In Miracles". 

Our classes are taught LIVE by industry professionals.

No prerecorded classes or self-study courses - we're with you every step of the way. 

Ask your questions | Receive the care your deserve

Being a spiritual counselor has changed my life - this work has given me tools for healthy & happy living. Now I share with others what has helped me so much. I LOVE my life!


Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Celebrity Stylist & Retreat Coordinator

I remember the first time I heard Rev. Jesse teach, it was a life-changing experience for me.  I realized I was telling myself a story that didn't serve me anymore. Today, I'm helping people all over the world change their story, their lives, and their community. 


Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Journalist & Advisor working w/ United Nations 

I'm an artist and activist. With the tools I learned getting my Spiritual Counseling License, I demonstrate the power of holding a vision of peace and unity. I lead by example and people are paying attention.


Actress, Performer, Trans Activist, Humanitarian

Those who complete the program will receive:

  • A Spiritual Counseling License through Active Love Ministries

  • Transformational tools to help deepen your spiritual practice and change your life for good.

  • Lifetime access to the program (free audits of live classes)

  • Facilitation training for workshops and public speaking

  • Support from A.L.M.'s leadership and administrative team

  • Training in marketing and promoting your services as a spiritual counselor

  • An incredible support system of other spiritual practitioners

Spiritual Counseling Licensing Program overview:

  • The program consists of 5 modules and spans 18 months in length.  Each module is approximately 3.5 months.

  • Classes are offered via ZOOM video-conferencing so participants can log-on from all over the globe.  There is a weekly 2-hour class.  *You can call-into classes as well.

  • Participants are trained using A.L.M.'s teaching curriculum which integrates Science of Mind, New Thought Philosophy, A Course In Miracles, and other Metaphysical texts.

  • There are weekly reading and writing assignments.

  • Classes are facilitated by Rev. Jesse Brune-Horan and other qualified ministers and practitioners.

  • Participants are responsible to purchase their own text books (approximately $30/module).

  • There’s a yearly in-person training retreat which spans approximately 4 days in length. You are encouraged to attend in-person and can also participate online. Retreats are held in California and participants are given a 6-month notice to register before the event. Payment plans are always available.

Here's what you get when you register.

Weekly Live Class & MP3 Recording

Your classes are live and taught by an industry professional. Each class is recorded so you can review as often as you'd like.

Reading & Study Guides

Our curriculum provides downloadable guides that lead you in a journey of discovery through sacred metaphysical texts and helps cultivate your voice and skills as a teacher.

Monthly Skill Building Workshops

Each month enjoy an online practical training workshop taught live by an expert. Learn valuable skills like public speaking, group facilitation, blog composition, online marketing, & more.

5 Private Coaching Sessions

Each student has the opportunity to have one private coaching session (we call them visioning sessions) at the end of each module with your instructor.

Check-In Partner

Each module you'll be assigned a new partner to check in with over the phone. It's an opportunity to take a moment and connect with someone else on the same path as you, practice affirmative prayer and counseling. We encourage weekly or bi-weekly calls.

A Built In Community

Your class will have its own private Facebook group where you can get support, share assignments, and post things that inspire you.

Get support to ignite your vision & the tools to share it with the world.



Students receive a discount to our yearly in-person training retreat. Enjoy a long weekend of meditation and practical skills training with Rev. Jesse and friends. Retreats are hosted in California in early spring.

>>>If you're currently enrolled, you can stream the retreat online for free.

Transform your life, career, relationships, & more ... for less than $5 a day.

Monthly Installments

Pay Monthly


18 payments

$4.16 a day

Pay Annually


2 payments

5% discount

$3.95 a day

Pay In Full


1 payment

10% discount

$3.75 a day

Fun Fact: A grande caramel macchiato at Starbucks cost $4.75.

For about the same price of a cup of coffee a day, you can completely change your life for good!

Why do we require a discovery call before registration?

We are 100% committed to empowering folks who feel called to spiritual leadership. This doesn't mean you have to be a professional counselor or minister. Many people are drawn to this work because they're ready to use spiritual principles and practices to transform their life for good - we consider this spiritual leadership as well.

No matter what your vision is, we're here to make sure you're ready to make a 2 year commitment. It's not for everyone and that's okay! Our desire is that you feel successful and fulfilled when you say YES to our program. The best way to do this is to speak with you in person, answer your questions, and give you all the details. We're here to help you make an informed and confident decision.

Did you know ... 

You can register for our first two training modules without committing to the entire program? This is a great option for those who want to deepen their spiritual practice but aren't necessarily interested in cultivating practical skills in spiritual leadership at this time.

Good news: if you change your mind after completing the foundation modules and would like to continue the program, your participation will be credited towards your license.

Foundation 1

Focused training in Affirmative Prayer & introduction to The Law Of Cause & Effect

Foundation 2

Focused training in meditation, exploration of The Law of Cause & Effect, and introduction to Mysticism.

$199/monthly or one time payment of  $575/per module

Another opportunity to build community and get support...

Join a Core Group today.

Our Core Groups are intimate circles with no more than 10 members. These groups meet once a month and are facilitated by an Active Love Ministries community member. Connect with spiritually minded folks, discuss different topics on spirituality, share any challenges and triumphs you're moving through, and get support from like-mind friends.

We encourage all registered students to join a Core Group because it's a great practice of participating in spiritual community, you'll get individual care and offer support to others, and it's a wonderful opportunity to learn group facilitation.

Core Groups are free of charge and open to any interested member of Active Love Ministries.

Individualized training and support, a built-in community of spiritually-minded friends, and resources to help you build the life of your dreams ... all for the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

Pay Monthly


24 payments

$5.50 a day

Pay Annually


2 payments

10% discount

$4.95 a day

Pay In Full


1 payment

15% discount

$4.67 a day

Answer the Call...

If you feel called towards spiritual leadership and/or feel inspired to deepen your own spiritual practice – this program is designed for you. Please click below and reach out. Let's schedule a discovery call and answer all your questions.

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